— Single Family Home Sales by Zip Code —


Comparative statistics for January 1 through March 31 of 2018 vs 2019 show incremental, yet steady growth in a rather healthy market.  Specifically:

•  Inventory:  There continues to be a limited supply of homes with just nine months of inventory in most coastal Delaware zip codes.

•  Number Sold:  Decreased by 53 homes (-11%).

•  Average Price:  Increased moderatly at $14,976 (3%) over Q1 2018.

•  Average Days on Market:  Homes are selling 1 day (1%) slower than the same time period in 2018.

Please scroll down the page for comparitive statistics for individual towns throughout Coastal Delaware*.

Bethany Q1 2019Lewes Q1 2019Rehoboth Q1 2019Fenwick Q1 2019Frankford Q1 2019Millsboro Q1 2019Millville Q1 2019Milton Q1 2019Ocean View Q1 2019Selbyville Q1 2019Dagsboro Q1 2019

* Data compiled from the following zip codes:
19930 Bethany Beach;  19939 Dagsboro;  19944 Fenwick Island;  19945 Frankford;  19958 Lewes;  19966 Millsboro (includes Long Neck);
19967 Millville;  19968 Milton;  19970 Ocean View;  19971 Rehoboth Beach (includes Dewey Beach);  19975 Selbyville

SOURCE: Data compiled from Bright™ MLS System, as of April 4, 2019, and is: subject to without notice,
may not reflect all real estate transactions; and is considered accurate but not guaranteed.