— Single Family Home Sales by Zip Code —

SUMMARY Mid2017 compare-01

2017 vs 2016 comparative stats for January 1 through June 30 of each year show a very strong real estate market with increased demand, homes selling  faster, and sale prices increasing, specifically:

•  Inventory:  Scant supply, well less than one year's inventory in 9 of 10 zip codes.

•  Number Sold:  Increased by 185 homes (21%), likely due to new developments.

•  Average Price:  Increased by over $40K (9%).

•  Average Days on Market:  Homes are selling 21 days (15%) faster.

Please scroll down the page for comparitive statistics for individual towns throughout Coastal Delaware*.

* Individual town data is compiled by zip code.


Bethany Mid2017 compare-01Lewes Mid2017 compare-01Rehoboth Mid2017 compare-01Fenwick Mid2017 compare-01Frankford Mid2017 compare-01Millsboro Mid2017 compare-01Millville Mid2017 compare-01Milton Mid2017 compare-01Ocean View Mid2017 compare-01Selbyville Mid2017 compare-01

* Data compiled from the following zip codes:
19930 Bethany Beach;  19944 Fenwick Island;  19945 Frankford;  19958 Lewes;  19966 Millsboro (includes Long Neck);
19967 Millville;  19968 Milton;  19970 Ocean View;  19971 Rehoboth Beach (includes Dewey Beach);  19975 Selbyville



Information presented in zip code sequence are for single family homes located in Delaware's beautiful coastal area.  On this page zip codes are presented for our three major resort areas as well as stats on seven adjacent areas, plus a summary for all 10 Zip Codes.

Time Periods:  All stats are based on Single Family homes listed and sold for the period January 1 through June 30, 2017 against the previous year 2016.

Units Sold:  The number of Single Family homes sold and settled during the time frames specified.

Average Days on Market (DOM):

For SOLD - the average number of days between date listed and contract date.
average number of days between listed date and specified date.

Average Sold Price:  The average selling price of all Single Family homes represents the sum of all sold prices of single family homes, divided by total number of sold properties during the time frames specified.

Current Active Inventory:  The number of Single Family homes listed on the market for sale as of specified date.

* Data maintained: may not reflect all real estate market activities; is deemed reliable but not guaranteed; and is subject to change without notice.