Welcome to Ocean Atlantic Sotheby's International Realty-Rental Department!  Let us begin by saying thank you for choosing or considering us to locate your perfect rental home.  Our rental team prides themselves on partnering with you to find the best fit for you and your family.  We develop long term relationships with our clients and promise to provide the utmost professional customer service.  We recognize the importance of your decision to rent through us, and we will provide you with all the knowledge to make your transition stress free.  All of our rental agents are licensed Realtors and are here to serve you in this process and look forward to serving you in all of your Real Estate needs.
We have drafted a Q&A of the top questions you may have before you make a decision to rent long term; please read thoroughly and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

If my credit is not satisfactory, can I rent or have a co-signer sign for me?

You may have a co-signer sign the rental lease agreement with the owner's permission.  The co-signer is required to complete the same application process as you.  Credit is not the determining factor in accepting you as a tenant.  We look at many aspects in addition to credit, such as rental history and work history.   

What is the application process?

A link is provided on our website for you to print the application at your convenience.  Complete and return the application to our office with a $50.00 application fee, copy of your driver's license, and two most current paycheck stubs.  All tenants occupying the rental property over the age of 18 years of age must complete the application process. 

Forms of payment?

We accept personal checks, certified funds, and/or money order.  No cash or credit cards; sorry.

What is the standard lease term?

Ocean Atlantic Sotheby's takes pride in satisfying everyone with their rental needs.  We do many different types of leases:  Long term; multiple years or the minimum of one year.  Short-term; one month to several months.  Winter/Seasonal; lease term from Memorial Day through Labor Day or Labor Day through Memorial Day.  We will try our best to accommodate all situations.   

How much of a security deposit do I need and will I get it my deposit back?

Security deposits are generally one month's rent, unless it is a furnished rental or pet-friendly rental.  In this case the owner may require an additional deposit.  You will receive your deposit back, as long as the property is returned in the condition in which you took occupancy and the lease states that your deposit is refundable.  You will be responsible for your damages.  That is why it is important to document all damages at your walk-through with your rental agent.

What happens if there is a flood and my furniture is ruined?

Our lease states that the owner is not responsible for person and/or belongings.  Rental insurance is strongly encouraged.  

What if I want to rent one of your properties but my current lease will not expire for 60 more days; can you hold it for me?

With the owners approval and approved application we can hold the property for you if you pay the complete security deposit and sign the lease.

How do I pay my utilities?

All utilities must be transferred into your name the day your lease begins.  We will confirm utilities have been transferred before keys are realeased to you.  At the end of your term, you will arrange to have the utilities transferred back into the owner's name.  Be prepared that some utility companies require a deposit.  In some communities certain utilities must remain in the owner's name.  In these cases, the usage will be reimbursed to the owner.  Your lease will reflect instruction on this particular situation, if applicable.  

Can I rent a property with a pet?

Yes, some properties are pet friendly.  An additional pet deposit will be required and pet agreement must be signed along with the lease.  The dollar amount could vary depending on the property and owner.  

What happens if I live in a community?

Most communities have rules and regulations you must adhere to.  We will attach a copy of the rules and regulations to your lease.  You must follow these rules or the association and/or management company can impose fines for which you will be responsible. 

What if I want to move out early; can I break my lease or let someone take my lease over? What do I do at the end of my lease if I want to move out?

You are legally bound by the terms of the lease agreement and any additional contracts.  You can not let someone take over your lease; that is sub-letting.  We ask that if a situation arises please keep lines of communication open.  We will try to create a fair compromise.  At the end of your lease you will provide the agent written notification you are vacating at the end of your term; this notice must be presented 60 days prior to your expiration date on or before the first of the month.  If you are extending or want your lease to revert to a month to month give us written notification, so we can discuss options with you and the home owner.  

We hope this Q&A page helped you with some of your questions and/or concerns. Please remember we are here to serve you so pick up the phone if you have a question or concern.  Thanks again for choosing Ocean Atlantic Sotheby's International Realty.