Crush Corona A
On April 2, we launched an online community initiative to allow us to say THANK YOU to all of our healthcare workers at Beebe Hospital called #crushcorona. The goal of the #crushcorona movement was to collectively, as a community, purchase enough $25 gift cards from local restaurants to send one to each and every one of the 2,900 members of Team Beebe. We are so happy to announce that our #crushcorona tribe has not only MET but EXCEEDED this goal within three weeks! That’s over $72,000 put back into our amazing restaurants and sent with love to our frontline at Beebe! Thank you to every single person who so generously donated gift certificates - we did this together in 3 weeks!

So...we figured since we have momentum and such an incredible community, let’s keep paying it forward and honor our first responders - the EMT’s, firefighters, police, and paramedics that are selflessly providing help and expertise day in and day out! We have set a goal of 1,000 additional gift cards that will be sent to these wonderful people. If you would like to participate by purchasing one or more gift certificates for our First Responders here in Sussex County, please check out #crushcorona on Facebook or Instagram for all the details of where to send the gift cards for distribution. We have such a wonderful community and please keep sending and posting photos to our page to help keep us connected during this time when we need it most.