Seven Year Summary

Single Family Properties Over $1MM


Noteworthy Observations:

1)  Rehoboth Beach consistently ranks highest in single family luxury home sales throughout coastal Delaware. 

2)  Overall, the luxury market appears to be very healthy with all stats showing positive, steady improvements.

3)  Luxury homes are selling 65 days sooner (28% faster) in 2017 thru June 13 compared to all of 2016..

4)  The Average Sold Price has increased by over $147K (9.2%) in 2017 thru June 13 compared to all of 2016.

5)  Year-to-date projections indicate the number of luxury homes sold could increase +15% over 2016.

6)  Currently, there is approximately one year’s inventory of homes in today's luxury market.



MidYear 2017 Lux ActiveMidYear 2017 Lux Sold
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